My Gold Coast Trip and The Date With Destiny That I Will Never Forget
Gold Coast Trip With Date With Destiny experience

I woke up early for the 6 amazing days with Tony Robbins at his Date With Destiny event in Gold Coast Australia. To be honest, I’m a big fan of Tony and I adore all his works. His books and seminars have literally changed my life. That was why I decided to attend his DWD event in 2016.

For those of you who have never heard of Tony Robbins, he’s the  #1 life strategist in the world, with many New York Times Best Selling books and he’s extremely passionate about helping people create the life full of passion, love, happiness,  fulfilment and success. DWD is an intimate event that runs for 6 long days where I got to learn the tools and strategies to design my life on my own terms.

The material taught at this event is based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), that was compiled and learnt by Tony from working with over 3 million people in the past 3 decades. It’s o obvious to say that Tony knows what he is talking about. His experience with working a great diversified group of people is tremendous.

If you have not been to any of Tony Robbins seminars, don’t worry because it’s not about sitting for hours without a single stretch. The way the entire room set up is like a rock concert. The stage is huge and the audience sitting areas are filled with massive projection screens and a sound system.

This event was held at Jupiters Hotel & Casino in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. This beautiful beach city is definitely a great place to hold an event like this. After all, you can relax on the beach and get some tan after the 6 intensive days of the seminar.

Gold Coast Trip With Date With Destiny experience

A view from Gold Coast beach

Okay, back to Tony Robbins Gold Coast event, I have learnt so much about myself and what I want to do with my life. I understood what makes me happy as a human being and what makes me feel fulfilled. As Tony said, “Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.” The worst place to be is when you are not happy with the success that you have long waited for and achieved. What’s missing? It’s fulfilment and it’s an art.

To be successful, you just need to follow a set of formula that was created by someone who has already succeeded and if you do it well enough, you will eventually get the same result. But to be fulfilled, it takes more than just a formula. Fulfilment is different from person to person. What makes you feel happy and fulfilled might not be the same as me and others. You have to find this for yourself. For me, it’s about my self-growth, making my parents proud and creating positive impact to others people’s lives in the form of my work and my contribution. Nothing lights me up as when my parents said they are very proud of me and what I do, or when the people around me say to me that because of my work that they feel better, improve their life or help them make better. You need to find this out for yourself or you will live a life without knowing truly what your purpose is and what really gives you the meaning. As the saying goes, the meaning of life is to give it a meaning. So you need to ask yourself and be honest with your answer to the question “what gives you a sense of meaning?”, “what is your purpose?”.

Anyway, I strongly recommend you to attend Tony Robbins Date With Destiny event. Here’s the website you can visit for more information about this event. This event is worth your investment and it will help you create a direction for your life.

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Finally! I Attended Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within (UPW) Event!
upw 2016

Tony Robbins plays drumYes! Yes! Yes! I’ve been wanting to get this post out for you a while ago but I was busy with other photography gigs I have done lately. Yes! I went to attend Tony Robbins UPW event in London finally! And wow! I walked on fire! What an achievement that I accomplished! Something that I thought I could never dare to do but I did it and so did other 7,000 people at the event. This is to prove how our mind is such a powerful thing and if we can control our fear, we can do anything!

Tony Robbins is an incredible human being. He was able to lead and transform thousands of people from the stage for 4 long days. I have no idea where he got that energy from. There is nothing like meeting Tony at a real live event. You can watch hundreds of his videos on YouTube but there’s nothing you can compare with being in a live event. The people you meet, the experience you have and other factors make this event unforgettable. The atmosphere and the energy in the room is to the roof. I have been following Tony and his teaching for years now and finally I had a chance to see him live in his event. This experience was amazing and I won’t forget it.

Some of the lessons still stuck in my head. First one is we can change anything in our life if we make change a must. Whatever we want in our life, we have to make it a must and then change our story so that it supports us. The story we tell ourselves will determine our results. And most importantly, the state we are in also affects our goal. This is why Tony made us jump up and down, hi-fives and hug other people so our state and physiology change. He said “we do depression by using our body in a certain way that causes us to be depressed and we can change that”. I’m very impressed by how he can influence other people and change their emotional state.

I found this intro video about this event on YouTube that you can have a glimpse of what this is like.

A lot of people at this event are fans of Tony and they treat Tony like God or their idol. The moment they see Tony they start screaming and getting excited like they see their favorite singer or actor. I’m very impressed by how well Tony has built his brand and personality to this incredibly impactful level. Tony is fun, exciting and powerful and his wisdom can literally change someone’s behavior and perspective.

This event definitely changed my life and how I can choose to live my life. You can see him again at UPW London 2017. Unleash The Power Within event tickets and schedule can be found by visiting

Tickets to this event can be a bit more expensive than any other personal development events but of course, this is Anthony Robbins! You can get very good tickets when they have special promotion around Christmas or after the event ends. I got myself an early bird ticket so it was about £645. This is the cheapest gold tickets you can get. Other tickets like VIP, Diamond or Solitaire are more expensive but you receive more values from it. It’s worth to start saving your money and attend this event. Some people spend thousands of dollars to buy big TVs but they don’t want to spend money to improve their life which I find it funny.

Some of the photos I took at this event will be updated shortly, however here are some of the first photos I got:

Tony Robbins plays drum

upw 2016

Tony Robbins London UPW event

Haha I love this one!


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The Golden Age Of Sport Cars
sport car

No matter the circuit or driver level of skill, as I began to photograph at the beginning of that by-gone era, three common threads neatly highlight the ethos of the time: 1) competitors raced in Corinthian style without sponsors simply to win a silver trophy, 2) they did so without roll bars, seat belts, or flame proof clothing, on circuits with little if any safeguards. 3) The technology of the day was only just beginning to progress following WWII with winning speed heavily dependent on the expert use of the driver’s feet and hands. Aerodynamics was not much more than an afterthought. In fact when I asked the Ferrari team manager, Romolo Tavoni, during practice for the 1959 Sebring 12 Hour Race how the factory came to the design of the ‘59 Testa Rossa, he said “if a car looks beautiful it will go beautifully”.

I was lucky enough to befriend a number of the Champions of this now golden age, and reveled in any opportunity go to SCCA regional and National races and especially the World Championship events like Sebring & Nassau. My first real opportunity to photograph at a major Championship event came in a chance meeting with Lucky Casner in the fall of ’58 when I asked him if he was looking for pit crew for his Ferrari 2-liter entry for the ’59 Sebring 12 hour race. “Yes”, he said. We shook hands & months later Lucky was good on his word and had crew credentials waiting for me. And thus, with camera in hand, I began to capture the heart of the many facets of this amazing, golden age of motor racing. If, like me, you lived through the era I hope these images stir some good memories, and bring you so close to the action that only the sweet smell of Castrol R wafting through the pits could bring it any closer. If you were too young to have lived through that Golden Age in sports car racing, these photos will give you a good idea of why those times remain such revered, memorable, and powerful visions of a truly grand era.

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